• Lou Nanne, Minnesota Wild Draft pick, Hockey rdm BSM Edina“Here I am today, a Christian playing hockey, not a hockey player who happens to be Christian. God guys and God girls must be bold, humble, and forgiving. We are all sinners saved by grace and must all live our lives as a living testimony – pointing our successes to God.” – Lou Nanne
  • Gavin Floyd, Atlanta Braves, Pitcher Spotlight Athlete
Gavin Floyd, Atlanta Braves, PitcherRead our Spotlight Athlete interview with Atlanta Braves pitcher Gavin Floyd as he talks about his walk with Christ and how his faith has helped him get through his recent injuries.
  • Lauren Davis, WTA Tennis ALeqM5jbG72H1M9eNDmczNXQ5bUaJhfsHwOur Spotlight Athlete Interview with, WTA Tennis Star, Lauren Davis. Lauren is ranked 45th in the World. Read more here as she talks about her faith, overcoming trails, and what it means to her to be unashamed of the Gospel.