• Gigi Marvin, USA Womens Hockey Spotlight Athlete

Gigi Marvin, USA Womens HockeyOur encouraging interview with USA Hockey star, Gigi Marvin. Read more great statements our her journey with Christ like this inside. “I learned that the law is in place to point us to Jesus we can’t perform everything that it says, we are not perfect. That is where my relationship exploded, and my heart ...
  • Jeff Driskel, Louisiana Tech, Quarterback Behind The Mask
Jeff Driskel, Louisiana Tech, QuarterbackRead our encouraging interview with Louisiana Tech QB Jeff Driskel….. “I knew that all eyes would be on me and how I handled it. I think I did a pretty good job, it was tough but God gave me strength and helped me show what a Christian should look like in times of struggle.”
  • Nakaela Feagin-Hooks, Track and Field, University of Florida NakaelaUFToday cancer is known as a death sentence. Yet, God used cancer, a flesh death sentence, to save me from the ultimate penalty, my spiritual death sentence.
  • Chris Coghlan, Chicago Cubs, Outfielder Spotlight Athlete
Chris Coghlan, Chicago Cubs, OutfielderOur most recent Spotlight Athlete interview with Chris Coghlan of the Chicago Cubs. Chris shares how his walk with Christ has effected his life on and off the field.