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Brandon Moore, University of Arkansas, Baseball

by carmine on February 11, 2013

Brandon Moore
University of Arkansas
Van Buren, AK

Growing up I was a pretty good kid, never really acted out or did anything to get in trouble. I was never grounded, and I was, for the most part, always nice to people. I was raised in a Catholic church with two very loving parents who had me there every Sunday. Once I got old enough to play travel baseball I would miss some Sunday services due to games early Sunday morning, but I was still a good person. Once I got to high school I was the man as far as baseball went. I had pitched on Varsity since I was a freshman and every body knew me in the school as the guy that was going to go play ball at the University of Arkansas. I liked that.

On the outside I would remain humble and say all the right things but on the inside I was caught up in thinking I was really something. That all caught up to me May 4th, 2010, my senior year. I was pitching and I hurt something in my arm. Initially I was frightened because I didn’t know the severity of the injury or anything, I just knew I couldn’t throw the ball. Once the game was over I went to the practice field and started to jog some poles to hopefully loosen up my arm. I made it one pole and I broke down crying in left field. At that moment it was more than just about baseball. As I broke down I realized how foolishly I was living.

It took me until that point to realize how deep my sin was. Not only caught in pride, I was caught in lust and the whole time I thought I was doing alright because no one ever found out about it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was placing baseball, my friends, and my girlfriend as idols in my life. At that moment I realized I needed to change. The only problem was I didn’t know how to, I knew I needed God, but I didn’t know how to get to God. Every now and then I would pick up my Bible and read a little bit but it wasn’t doing much for me, I didn’t have the Holy Spirit. Needless to say, I continued in my sin and eventually got healthy. I was able to pitch again and go to the State Championship. It was there I realized how big of a platform I could potentially have.

Fast forward to my freshman fall on campus. The FCA leader at the time, Tyler McMahan talked me into having lunch with him. We sat down a couple of times and he ended up showing me the bridge illustration. It was then I realized that my past was forgiven, and all I had to do was to hope in Christ and believe in the Gospel and accept God’s free gift, which is eternal life. I accepted Christ and things started getting really busy with the season, so we weren’t able to meet as much. I was still caught in my sin. Even though I knew I had Christ I had no clue how to fight temptation. 

My freshman season was a tough year for me on and off the field. I had no hope, I had no joy. I stayed on campus for the summer to work out and it was the best decision of my life. James McCann, our catcher, introduced me to a man named Larry Watkins. I met with him on a weekly basis and but I couldn’t submit my whole life because the whole summer I had been fighting/arguing and breaking up/getting back together with my girlfriend of two years at the time. I was still placing her as an idol in my life and it was difficult to break free of that. Larry taught me how to be a godly man and apply the scripture to my life. Finally during Christmas break of 2011-12, I submitted all facets of my life to Christ. I began to let the Holy Spirit work inside of me, and fight the battles that I can’t fight on my own. I’ve had people tell me they see an unbelievable amount of growth from Christmas break until now in me, and it truly is all by the grace of God that I am able to be doing the things I’m doing now and leading people in Christ the way I am now.

My girlfriend and I broke up and by the grace of God I began dating my best friend. She is not only the godliest woman I have ever met, she also challenges me in ways you couldn’t believe to seek holiness. It took a long time from the time I realized I needed a savior to the time I submitted my whole life to Christ, but God never gave up on me. He didn’t see me as what I was, He saw me as who I could be, and would be. His love is never ending and nothing can separate His love from you and I. Romans 8:37-39 paints a perfect picture of that. I am thankful for each and every person that has poured into me, because if they wouldn’t have taken the time, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Don’t get discouraged, don’t quit. Keep seeking, because God will never give up on what He knows you will be.


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