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Chase Whitley, New York Yankees, Pitcher

by carmine on December 17, 2014

I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 9 years old at Vacation Bible School. The message was on the verse John 3:16. I felt God tell me at that very moment it could be the difference between me going to Heaven or Hell. When the message was over, I went down and accepted Christ as my Savior. I thank God that He saved me at such a young age. With Christ at my side, He battled the temptations of adolescence for me. When the temptations got too much for me, there is no better person to fight off the Devil than the God of the Universe. Since I was brought up in church my entire life and accepted Christ at an early age, it felt as though I had adopted the faith of my parents instead of accepting and making my faith my own. However, when I moved away to junior college, that all changed. My girlfriend (now my wife) went to a different college a few hours away. I was also away from my mama and daddy, so I no longer had to do the “right” things. I could have gone wild, but thanks to God, He used this time to develop my faith in Him. I am so thankful He did. I began reading His word daily and grew more in those two years than ever before.

yside19ss-1-webMy junior year, I was fortunate enough to continue my career at Troy University in south Alabama. However, Troy was even further from my fiancé. While at Troy, God put some amazing people in my life. Through a bible study we started there, I was able to see some close friends accept Christ as their Savior also. God blessed me with a successful career at Troy and in June 2010 I was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 15th round. I began my minor league career in Staten Island, NY. Being from a small town, Staten Island was a major test for me. I was completely outside of my comfort zone being in one of the biggest cities in America. However, God gave me a peace and direction while I was there to be a missionary through the game of baseball. I don’t beat people over the head with my faith but if God creates an opportunity to share, I pray I will always have boldness and wisdom to speak up for His name.

After the 2010 season ended, my fiancé and I were married in December. If you are unaware of the minor league life, it is a difficult place for married people with the travel schedule and salary. We prayed to God about whether she should travel with me or stay at home and work. God revealed to us for her to travel and for us to share this journey together. God has been with us every step of the way and always provides our every need. We climbed through the minor leagues to AAA in 12 and 13 without cracking the big leagues.

chase-whitleyThe biggest test of faith was when I was left off the 40 man roster and not selected in the Rule 5 draft during the 2013 off season. I prayed to God for a peace and was willing to make the next step in life without baseball if that was what God wanted me to do. However, I felt He wanted me to push through with endurance. So, I listened to His call. I went into 2014 Spring Training and pitched terrible and began the season back in AAA except this time as a starter. I had been a reliever my whole career and now I would be in the starting role.

The season began and was going well and on May 15th, 2014, I got the call to pitch in the big leagues. I had made the decision in spring to finally give my career over to God instead of letting baseball control my life. He showed me there is nothing I can do and everything He can do. I am far from perfect but I know that I have a perfect Savior to call on in the good and bad times. My prayer is that if someone reads this that they see past anything that I have done and see everything God has done.

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