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Chris Coghlan, Chicago Cubs, Outfielder

by carmine on January 7, 2015

Chicago Cubs outfielder Chris Coghlan shares his story on how Christ changed his life.
Spotlight Athlete Archive
By: Samantha Silver – UA Writer (Southeastern University)

At what point in your life did you first want to pursue Christ? Who/what brought you to that point?


MG_6940_Chris_CoghlanMarch 2008, there was a guy named Daron Roberts who was reading a Bible in the clubhouse. At the time I had never really seen that out in the open. I was puzzled, so I asked him what he was reading, even though I knew it was the Bible; I thought it was crazy. He told me and asked me if I was a man of faith and I said, “Well what you mean by that?”

He said, “Well would you say you are a Christian, do you believe in God and live for him?”
I said “No I believe in God, but I know I am not living right.”

Daron wanted to talk more but I didn’t really want to talk at that point. Some circumstances happened later that day and then eventually he was serving me and did something for me that was very nice. It was something that I would never have done because I was so arrogant and pompous at that point in my life because I was completely living for myself and my own pleasures. When he did what he did for me, I was in awe. That opened a door for me to ask him more questions as to why he did that for me when he didn’t even know me! Eventually he asked me if I wanted to go eat dinner and talk more. We went to eat and at the time I didn’t even drink coffee but when he asked to go to Starbucks, with a Bible in hand, and now knowing I can say it was the Holy Spirit that lead me to say yes to the invitation. An hour and a half later he walked me through the Gospel and asked me if I wanted to surrender my life to Christ and I did right there in Starbucks on St. Patty’s day 2008.

How hard was it to stay grounded at Ole Miss, and to now stay grounded now that you are in the big leagues?


David-Banks-USA-TODAY-Sports1Well, I didn’t stay grounded at Ole Miss because I wasn’t a believer. I was every bit of cocky and egotistical as you could get, so he better I did the more my ego grew and the more of myself I worshipped. When I got to the big leagues in 2009 I had been a Christian for a year, and at that point God radically changed me and my heart. There were also areas that I cleaned up on the outside with things people would see such as my language, partying, and drinking. It really took a lot of work that God had to just chisel away at my heart that started exposing other issues and other sin. Along that journey, that’s when I started to grow and it’s a constant renewal daily to just die to yourself, renew your mind and stay meek and humble each day because the world exalts you.

How do you stay in the word whether you are on the road and at home?


We are blessed to have Baseball Chapel that is always there for us in season. Praise God for people that he has put in mine and my wife’s lives that disciple us along the way and that accountability helps. Doing Church Life with people, small groups, and just being involved in the church helps bring more accountability. I find it a little easier to stay disciplined in the word when I’m playing than in the offseason. Many of my teammates have a lot of questions and then you have a Bible study and this year I was able to pour into some guys, so that kept me accountable. They have questions all the time and then you always have the crazy questions from non-believers that are the same questions that I used to have for other Christians. So there was a little bit more accountability during the year than in the offseason.   In the offseason there are so many things going on, and you go to church and get plugged in but during the season that is every single day not just on Sundays, small groups, and bible studies, which is just three days.

Is there a specific bible verse that helped spark your walk?


Chris+Coghlan+h49g9uxWXZimThere are so many great verses, but the verse that I always use to sign memorabilia or different things is Romans 8:28. Just to see the richness of God’s love and sovereignty in that has been a promise that I have seen so many times in my life through numerous examples. ALL things regardless of whether I think it is a bad thing or hard thing, it is always for the glory of God and always ends up being a good thing after time evolves

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