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Christian Morris, Indiana University, Baseball

by carmine on June 27, 2013

My name is Christian Morris and I have been playing baseball ever since I was 4 years old. I first came to Christ in a prayer circle in the first grade, my teacher was the one who led me to Christ her name was Mrs. Kathy Smith. That is about the same time that I fell in love with baseball and really started taking it serious. I have played travel ball ever since I was 8 years old. I’ve played for teams all over the state of Florida and where I am from in a little town called Archer, FL, when I was a freshman in high school people started talking to me and sending me recruiting letters and that is when I started to realize that I had a real future in the game of baseball.

By the beginning of my sophomore year I was getting recruited by numerous D-1 schools and was being approached by advisors for the upcoming draft. Everything was on the up and the good Lord had blessed me with a lot of success but then I hit a major speed bump. In the height of all the recruiting and with quite a few scouts in attendance this particular night at Williston high school where I played all four years of high school. It was opening night my junior year and through three and two-thirds innings of work I was doing very well. I was only going to pitch four innings that night which meant I only had one more out left to get. Well I came set from the windup like I had done a million times before and I started my delivery towards the plate, once I released the ball I felt a tremendous pain in my right (throwing) arm and I knew something couldn’t not have been good, I had never felt such a pain like that before and I automatically starting thinking the worst. The next day I went to see the doctors and that told me it was indeed a torn UCL which meant I would have to undergo Tommy John’s or I would never be able to pitch again. 

At my weakest point I broke down and cried. I knew that all the offers I had received and my dreams of being drafted had been postponed. I finished out the season playing first base and hitting and decided to have the surgery the next fall of my senior year. Going into my senior year I still had no offers and ever since that night every scout or coach that came to see me was no longer around. I felt hopeless. The night before my surgery I got down on my knees and I prayed “Dear Lord I am not sure why your doing this or why this has all happen but I know your will is in play and that you have my best interest in mind, I’m just asking Lord please show me a sign.” Moments later I was laying in bed nearly asleep when my phone rang and it was Ty Neal recruiting coordinator at Indiana university and he said “Christian we want to offer you a scholarship” I replied “
Well coach I have to be honest I am having elbow surgery in the morning”. I had told a hundred coaches that I was fixing to have surgery soon and they all gave me the same answer. “Well best of luck to you kid”, so I figured this would be no different than before but I was wrong. Coach Neal replied “Well my offer still stands kid.” I proceeded with the surgery and then took a visit to Indiana and I was in love. I committed the next week. I was able to play my senior year at first base and hit. I went on to have a amazing season leading the state of Florida in home runs and RBI’s but that was only the beginning of what God had in store for me. I came into to Indiana overweight due to the surgery and not being able to do much activities for awhile. They helped me lose the weight and continue to rehab my arm. I lost 45lbs and worked hard to get back on the mound. I pitched as a reliever throughout the whole year and this season Indiana went on to have the best season in school history and a trip to the College World Series. The CWS was the most amazing experience I have ever seen, growing up watching and dreaming of that being me I couldn’t believe that I was actually there. I looked up to those guys when I was little and I thought those guys are my Heros! And to just think that was me and maybe some little kid was thinking that about me brought a tear to my eye. The smell of the grass and seeing all the people in the stands to watch us was truly something I still cannot believe. From going to a guy that seemed hopeless to a kid living out the dream of playing at the CWS just goes to show how truly amazing and how awesome the good Lord is. He has a plan for me and I know that. I’m just going to continue to work hard a see what all else he has in store for me and continue to help out any way else that I can by sharing God’s word through baseball and my story. 

-Christian Morris

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