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Drew Stanton, Arizona Cardinals, Quarterback

by carmine on September 29, 2014

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By: Samantha Silver – UA Writer (Southeastern University)

UA: Tell us about your walk with Christ?

 Drew: It has been one of a lot of faith, as being a NFL player; especially the path I’ve taken to get where I am.The only reason I am here is because of my faith in Christ.Without Him, I would have been lost along the way and not even been close to where I’m at today.I have been very fortunate to have a lot of people pour into my life and help guide me. I know that without Him nothing is possible

UA: Who keeps you accountable in the word during the season? Do you have fellow Christian teammates that you are able to dig in with?

Carson Palmer, Drew StantonDrew: I am very fortunate that we have a weekly bible study with guys on the team, Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander, Larry Foote, and Carson Palmer. We have good guys and we are very fortunate to have our chaplain, Anthony Edwards. He was a former NFL player and also our director of player development, so to have somebody in-house like that is unbelievable. To have that kind of a resource that brings put that much passion in the Lord. It is a daily reminder of how nice it is to have that kind of a presence in the locker room.

UA: Throughout your career you’ve had periods of time where you were in a backup role, how have you used those times to glorify God on and off the field?

Drew:I think it’s just the daily approach.The biggest compliment you can receive is people don’t need to ask if you’re a Christian, they can just tell by the way you work; I learned that while I was in Detroit. You have to earn it over a period of time. It’s something that the way you go about your work and it’s never about yourself, it is about the team. There are many more things that are important more than your own self -interests and I learned that early on in the NFL and that’s allowed me to get to where I am today.

UA: Has your role as a Christian on your team changed at all now that you are starting or do your teammates see you as the same guy?

Drew+Stanton+Arizona+Cardinals+v+Denver+Broncos+QX48e6VWAmClDrew: I would hope they see me as the same guy, I think they do. Everything I do or have done in the past has helped me get to where I am and that’s not going to change. Early on when I was younger that might have been the case but now being more mature and knowing who I am and what my role is on this team and I take that very serious; but it’s not going to change whether I am the starter or the backup.

UA: Do you have a verse you lean on more than others?

Drew: I have a son that’s two years old now, and my wife is also expecting. One verse that I constantly go to is all of Psalm 128. My son was born in Indianapolis, and our team chaplain there (Ken Johnson) came to see us after he was born, and said he felt led to share with us those verses. There are a lot of verses that are inspirational but that one overall helps me to keep things in perspective and go through that entire thing. I memorized it in that point in time and I feel like it sums up everything you could ever want.

UA: What advice do you have for other Christian athletes on being open with their faith?

Drew: Be authentic, be who you are don’t try to be anyone else. If you do that you will be completely fine no matter where you are at. People see through falseness pretty quickly. As long as you are doing everything you can and doing it for the right reasons, serving the Lord, everything will work out.   I am so lucky to have great people in my life. The Detroit Lions’ chaplain, Dave Wilson struck a chord when he said, “Do you want God, or do you want God to make your life work?” Those are two completely different things. When I was younger, I wanted God to make my life work and at that point in time I said, you know what God, whatever we are going to do, I just want you, I don’t care what happens, I know you are with me. That was a huge turning point for me when I realized that.

UA: Can you tell us a little about your High 5ive foundation?

Drew StantonDrew: I started High 5ive right after I graduated from Michigan State. While I was there, I got involved with Children’s Miracle Network and Special Olympics in Michigan. I wanted to have a greater impact on those organizations because I saw the type of work they were doing. I am very passionate about getting involved with kid’s lives and trying to enrich them in anyway shape or form. Having the financial means was great but I wanted to get involved as well. The joy that those kids get by me showing up and signing autographs and taking pictures; I saw what a powerful tool that was. To have this kind of a platform is something I definitely do not take for granted.

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