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Emily Crane, Mizzou/Junior USA Softball 2013

by carmine on August 1, 2014

Troy Buchanan High school class of ’12
University of Missouri Softball team — Go Tigers class of ’16
Junior Women’s USA Softball team 2013


Growing up, God has always been the center focus for my family. Being born and raised Catholic and going to mass every weekend was just the way things were done in my family. My faith was tested at a very young age when my parents got a divorce. I was 6 years old when they split and now it was up to my older sister Elizabeth, who at the time was 9, and myself to get through this together. So like I said my faith was tested at a young age however Eliz and I knew we could trust God to help get us through it. After 10 years, both of my parents were happily remarried, but at the time of both marriages I was indifferent about the situations. Having them both remarry was rather hard for me. Dad remarried when I was 10 and Mom when I was 16. Having what a lot of divorce kids call “bonus parents” or “the extra parents” was what was just so weird for me. It took a toll on how I acted and how I treated people. And my attitude was by far poor. I couldn’t see how awesome our God was and is for bringing true happiness to both of my parents lives and that now their lives were better. I made the situation all about myself and my feelings and took the goodness and joy away from my mom and dad’s new lives. Today I regret it. And as many people probably do if they are anything like myself. However I would call it a process. By process I mean basically I did some growing up. After a while I knew this was how my life was gonna be and I could either accept it or let the devil bring hatred over me about it. I prayed to God all the time asking why this was happening to me and I always felt like it was unanswered. As I look back now though, that unanswered prayer is getting answered every day.

My next set back and test to my faith happened my senior year of high school. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and played softball, basketball, and soccer. It all came down to basketball season. I had just came off a season high of winning my school’s first ever state championship for softball and nothing and no one could bring me down. Second week of basketball I tore my ACL and MCL going up for a shot in practice. My life was over. So I thought anyway. My thoughts raced all over.

What was I going to do. I’m out for the whole season. I don’t even get to play soccer and it’s my senior year! I’m suppose to head to Mizzou to play softball in the fall and here I am broken down. This can’t happen to me. — I had a mental breakdown. I’ll never forget my mom coming to me and saying “Emily this is gonna test your faith. How big is your God?” And something there sparked. I instantly wanted to know God better than I did then. From then on my faith took off! I started listening to 99.1 Joy FM and I had friends who were really into their faith help guide me and it made it so much fun and easy to want to know more! I was hungry for Christ! I knew there was more to life than being sad about my leg. And I was finally opening my eyes to how great life was even though setbacks take place!

image-2Going off to mizzou I was ready to praise the Big guy more than ever as I stepped out on to the the field. At school I am a part of FCA and AIA and love spreading the word to everyone! I’m proud to say I’ve done bible studies and prayed with my team. I am so blessed with this life that I live and I am so happy to have such a strong faith based family to lean on as well. Everything at mizzou was going perfect. I loved my team, I made new friends, I loved my school. Nothing had gone wrong! The summer after freshman year I was honored with the chance to play for my country on the Junior Women’s National Team. Everything was awesome!

Come sophomore year I was ready to go again when halfway through season I re injured my knee. And yes it was the same knee I hurt in high school. Once again I was devastated. I didn’t want to have another surgery and I prayed I didn’t tear it up as bad as I did before but the difference this time was that I knew God had my back and I was gonna get through it. As I met with the doctor I thought it was gonna be bad and he told me that I had retore my MCL in my knee, however I didn’t need surgery. Disappointed but so thankful all in one. I was ready to get on the recovery grind and get back out there with my team. After 3 weeks of hard therapy, following the doctors order, and trusting in God’s plan,I was back up and playing for the last month of season. Smiling knowing that I got through it with the Amazing grace the good Lord gave me I was very happy. I’m very undeserving of His grace but the great news is our Lord is forever giving and loving. During my whole process of injuring myself again I told myself I wouldn’t get down and I would just keep God right there in my forefront. Every time I wanted to complain I prayed instead. They say that sometimes it takes some hardships and trials to really help a person see how big our God is and I can’t argue with that at all. Without going through these previous trials, the hardships that recently happened and that will happen in the future would be much more difficult for me to endeavor. He is the way the truth and the light, and I hope I can be a light to people everywhere and live through Him while taking on this crazy life! I am very proud to be a Christian and even more proud to be an Unashamed Athlete. Thanks for letting me share this with you all. I challenge you to share a smile with someone today and show them how big our God is. God bless you all!

– Emily Crane
Mizzou Softball #2

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