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Gavin Floyd, Atlanta Braves, Pitcher

by carmine on September 1, 2014

Spotlight Athlete Archive

By: Samantha Silver – UA Writer (Southeastern University)

UA: Tell us about your walk with Christ?

Gavin_Floyd_1280_44xtm05c_nq1vb3u7Gavin: Growing up in Maryland, I was always forced to go to church, but never really knew what God was like. Baseball was a huge talent of mine and a gift from God. When I was drafted in the first round my senior year, I got the opportunity to chase my dream of baseball, which was everything to me. Making it to the Major Leagues was a moment I would never forget, but there came a point when things did not go well. I wasn’t performing well and I felt like every part of my identity was being lost in the mix. At that point I started thinking about the big questions in life. Why are we so intricate in our body and minds? There has to be a purpose behind everything. I started doing some research and soul searching and wanted to know more. One of my teammates, Scott Linebrink, was aware of my interests and asked me to do devotionals and helped to answer the questions I was having. The chaplain for the White Sox, Mickey Watson was another man who also poured into my life. Through books and through people, God gave me a better understanding of his freedom and peace. The life changer was when I became fully aware of the magnitude of what Christ has done for us.

UA: Who keeps you accountable and in the word when on the road?

Gavin: My chaplain with the White Sox, Mickey Weston, and current chaplain, Terry Evans, with the Braves have always been there for me whether we are on the road, call, or skype we will get into talks and scripture. We talk about what we get from God and how we can apply it to our lives. Terry and I try to get together once a week; we have team bible studies once a week as well as chapel. There are very important roles for studies on the road especially being away from home. It is awesome when guys want to get together and sharpen each other through God’s word.

UA: How has your faith helped you through injuries?

Gavin: Last year when I had Tommy John surgery, my first reactions were is baseball done? How will I provide for my family? I felt like that was an opportunity to believe in Him as a provider. I feel like there are two choices we have, we can choose to really believe and cling onto God or just kind of half believe in Him. Despite moments of doubt, I felt like God gave me the strength to realize he was in control and I couldn’t control everything. When you can let go and trust in God, He provides peace and joy in any circumstance. Romans 8:28 says, “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

UA: Do you have a verse you lean on more than others?

Gavin: 1 Corinthians 9:24-28 I take this passage two different ways in one way it is about self-discipline and the other side of it is running for an eternal prize.

UA: What advice do you have for other Christian athletes on being open with their faith?

Braves Red Sox Baseba_MoraGavin: I have tried sharing in multiple ways, by no means am I perfect, but I have found it to be more successful when others see the authenticity in your life, and what you believe in, they should see. When you truly care for other people, it is leading to a life that is honoring God. By not being judgmental and befriending those people that maybe don’t believe or are on the fence goes way further than many would think. A lot of times guys will have questions and I’ve learned that being prepared for those conversations is another great way to be able to share your faith. Loving people and loving God should speak for itself.

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