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Gigi Marvin, USA Womens Hockey

by carmine on June 25, 2015

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By: Samantha Silver – UA Writer (Southeastern University)

UA: Tell us about your walk with Christ, when did it start and how?

Gigi: I grew up in a Christian home so I always believed in “God” I never doubted that.   When I went to college at the University of Minnesota and became a leader of FCA that’s where I learned that the Bible is not a to-do list but a book about us. It is not about what we do for God but what God does for us. So that is where I learned to live out the Bible, and watched how people incorporated it into their lives. I learned that the law is in place to point us to Jesus we can’t perform everything that it says, we are not perfect. That is where my relationship exploded, and my heart and mind were opened about what Jesus did for me. There has never been a point in my life when I haven’t believed in something more powerful than me. So college was where my faith was transformed and it wasn’t so much about a religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

UA: How do you stay in the word when on the road or training with the National Team?

y2TYxswJGigi: I absolutely love the Living Word of God it really transforms me. We know it’s difficult sometimes and you can’t always pull out your Bible , so I have about 4 reminders on my phone that go off at different times of the day and they are all different scriptures that just remind me to recite the verse and say a prayer and thank the Lord. It’s a cool thing because God has already prepared me by having these reminders to give me these verses to prepare my mind against different fears and temptation; helping my heart centered on who I am that I can keep for an audience of one. My worship is in the Lord and not my performance.

UA: Are there any teammates that share your passion with Christ and help keep you accountable?

547908128d613419e33209200c6f7b3dGigi: One of my teammates that has interviewed with you guys, Anne Schleper,(Read Anne’s Interview here) was my roommate in the Olympics in Sochi. It was awesome because it was a place where we could host Bible studies and put verses up on the wall. It was awesome because the Lord blessed us knowing that there would be a ton of temptation, fear, and anxiety while we competed and he provided us with people who we could pray with and help to stay in the word and be accountable. I am so thankful for that and God is really working on our team. He has also been providing conversations and questions about the Lord from non-believing teammates, friends, and even opponents. We are not meant to do this alone and he is with us every step, but he has created us to be a part of the body and this team. We all have different gifts, strengths, and weaknesses and we need that person next to us to let us know we are not alone in this because the devil will sit there and feed us lies which is hard to fight alone.

UA: What is your go to verse/passage?

Gigi: I have a lot of favorite verses, but the ones that have been consistent throughout my entire life are Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 18:32. We train 50 of the 52 weeks a year so for me it’s just amazing to know that verse in Psalms because it fires me up every time I skate or workout. Knowing that it is God who gives me strength it is not my own and I can’t do it by myself.

UA: Is there any advice specifically for athletes sharing the Word within their team?

Gigi+Marvin+Ice+Hockey+Winter+Olympics+Day+oInzz-Zgfh7lGigi: Sometimes we all have that fear with anything relational that it will be awkward, but ultimately knowing that every person deals with the same things we do, everyone needs to find a hope. For me it’s mainly having those conversations and having a simple question like “Where do you find your strength?” or “Where do you find hope when things are down?” It is an easy way to ask a question and if they don’t have an answer, then you come with I believe in a God that is more powerful than us and his name is Jesus Christ he died for our sins and wants a relationship with us. As much as it can be awkward, but if we just understand how great the Lord is and how much he wants to let everyone know about his power, it makes things a lot easier. I love these conversations.

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