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Ian Warner, Canadian Olympic Team, Track and Field

by carmine on May 8, 2014

Name: Ian Warner

 My story starts with God putting the plan in the heart of both of my parents when I was a child. I attended a Christian school for kindergarten; I was raised on God’s word. I remember going to church on Sunday and many times I did not want to go but my parents made me. I knew a lot of biblical stories and I had a solid of the Gospel for my age. My parents had raised me in a way that the seed was planted in my heart but seeds needed water to grow.

IMG_1358 As I grew older God became less important in my life. Sports, woman, impressing other people, and having fun became my priorities. Without even knowing it over the years my relationship with God had diminished and with that comes behavior that is so far from the person that your parents raised you to be. Lying, cheating, selfish ambition, sexual sin, cursing, and hate became norms in my life and the person I was becoming really was not one of God.

 To me it was ok though because I was running fast. Running fast made me feel special, it made me feel important and it was a gift God gave me so why would I ever stop running fast? Often when we want something bad enough God will protect us from it because he knows it is not what is best for us. Eventually we keep pushing him and he gives you everything we think we need. I got everything I thought I wanted. I had a tone of success as an athlete, I had my pick of many women, I had good grades I felt like my life was complete but the only problem was I was still empty inside. No matter how much I had I always needed more.

 Then the process of being broken began. God has to get our attention and many times the only way to do that is to take away the things that made you lose focus on him in the first place. This came in the form of injuries, tough seasons, and life seeming like I never really got my way anymore. It brought plenty of drama in my life from different woman and it was something I had to live with because I had abandoned God. We often think that God abandons us but it is always the other way around. If you don’t read the word, you don’t communicate with him, you don’t speak about him to others; you don’t go to church, which really is the one doing the leaving behind?

 The beauty of the upbringing I had is the Gospel hooked me. I think of it like a worm on a fishing hook. As a young kid I was hooked to the fishing line and thrown out to the sea and the line was aloud to draw out pretty far away from the boat. Some fish would place their eye on me for dinner and try and bite me but they would just scrape me and just as I am about to get swallowed by a shark God started to reel me back in.

 My last year of college I brought my bible with me everywhere. I needed to know more about the word of God. You see the bible is very confusing only because you are unfamiliar with it. When you work at getting familiar with the book it is no longer scary. When you become confident that you can help others read their bible it is no longer confusing. I started listening to podcasts and watching different churches online. God showed me the truth of his word. He may have blessed me with a few talents but they are with me to glorify him. If people see me do great things they should know that God is fueling all of it. His truth showed me that it is my duty to help other people and love them because love covers all. The word of God changed my life. Once I put God back as number 1 life I was no longer empty inside. Not because I am getting what I want but because I content with following God’s plan because it is better than my plan. While the fishing line was in the sea my seed was watered.

 John 8: 12  – “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.””

 Light is meant to shine and light up the darkness. My life was full of darkness but I fed myself the word until the light was inside of me.  The issue is that the whole world is often a dark place. I realized that the only way to light it up is to pour the light into others. In the same way that a candle can light many other candles is exactly how I knew I needed to be.

 The beauty of the Gospel is forgiveness.  God says that if we do not forgive others then we ourselves will not be forgiven. I am very thankful that many people I have wronged believe in those words. I went to them all and asked for forgiveness I started clearing up my wrongs.

 Repentance is not just about asking for forgiveness though it is about changing your direction. With the language that came out of my mouth it was no longer ok to just swear and say “sorry God forgive me” and continue to swear. It meant changing my life style it meant that if I was surrounded by a group of people swearing I would be the light in a dark conversation.

 The journey never ends but you know when you have God in his right place. Life just feels completely different than it ever has. I look back and realize why I went through all that I did. I am a broken person but because of Jesus Christ I am whole. I am a sinner and I continue to sin and slip up but it is my goal to do it less and less. We have a choice. We are either a slave to sin or a slave to righteous. I just want to be Jesus’s humble servant. When my light hits people I want them to want to know more about Jesus as a result.

Matthew 12: 33

 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad, for the tree is known by its fruit.”

 Its time to produce some of the freshest mangos and strawberries you have ever tasted.

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