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Kelly Majam-Elms, University of Hawaii, Softball

by carmine on July 29, 2013



                 How crazy is it that God writes a unique and beautiful story for each and every one of us!  His stories are all wonderful and exactly how He wants them, regardless of whether we realize it or not.  My God story began when I was 8 years old, accepting Him into my heart and believing He had died to save me because He loved me. My walk with the Lord grew as I got older but so did my love for softball. Softball was a huge part of my life and my family growing up as my three sisters and I played every weekend all year-round, and eventually all four of us earned a D1 softball scholarship.  When I became a freshman at the University of Hawaii in 2008, I was projected to start and make a huge impact on the team until I tore my ACL in a preseason game and was told I was going to have to redshirt.  I was crushed.  For once in my life I wasn’t playing the game I loved and I didn’t know how to identify myself any longer.  Through those months of rehab, I learned that God gives us gifts and talents in our lives, not so we can gain glory for ourselves, but so we can return the gift to give favor back to Him.

                  The following season I was so pumped to finally be back on the field and give God all the glory through my play!  That redshirt freshman season, my team broke the NCAA single season homerun record with 158 homeruns, went to the World Series for the first time in school history, and I ended up being an All-American leading the country in homeruns with 30.  God had given me the perfect opportunity to give him glory on a national stage, and I was all for it!  I was on top of the world after that season thinking I had finally understood what it meant to give God glory.  However, I had only learned how to give Him glory when everything was going my way. 

                  A little over a month after the season ended, I went to the doctor for pain in my throat I had been feeling for a couple weeks.  After a biopsy, my doctor called me back into the doctor’s office and gave me a diagnosis that changed my life: thyroid cancer.  I was absolutely shocked.   After being at such a high in my life, I hit the absolute bottom.  Four days after my diagnosis, I had surgery to remove my thyroid gland in my neck and was put on thyroid medication for the rest of my life.  The following Christmas, I underwent radiation treatment and felt miserable all while praying I would feel well enough to play my redshirt sophomore season in just a couple months.

                  I felt as if I had done something wrong.  Was the Lord not happy with how I had given him glory? Had I taken some of the glory from the previous season for myself?  During this season of my life, I was reading through John, and chapter 9 changed my life.  Jesus is with his disciples and they see a blind man on the side of the road.  The disciples ask Jesus who sinned, this man or his parents, that he be born blind.  Jesus’ answer is absolutely amazing. John 9:3 says “Jesus answered, ‘It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in his life.’”  It wasn’t that I had sinned or done something to deserve cancer.  Jesus was telling the disciples and telling me that sometimes bad things happen in our lives, not as a punishment for sins, but because he wants to show His amazing power to us and how He is able to work through our hardship. 

                  In the story in John, Jesus ends up healing the blind man, and Jesus has healed me as well!  Three years later and after a couple of treatment sessions, there are no signs of cancer in my body.  I have finished my softball career at the University of Hawaii, am cancer free, and newly married! More importantly, however, God has given me the opportunity to give Him even more glory than I could have imagined.  Because of the platform I was given in Hawaii through my softball career, people wanted to know how I was able to be happy even after I had cancer. I am able to offer hope in Jesus to others suffering through hard times and give inspiration to young athletes and Christians that God can use you in ways that you never thought imaginable! 

                  If your life and your story have been colored with hardship, remember that God isn’t punishing you.  He is giving you the opportunity to give Him glory through the tough times and using you as a vessel to show His amazing strength and power! What a blessing

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