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Ken Roberts, Philadelphia Phillies, Pitcher

by carmine on September 8, 2015

Spotlight Athlete Archive

By: Samantha Silver – UA Writer (Southeastern University)

UA: Tells us about your walk with Christ and journey to the big leagues

594977Ken: I’ve grown up going to church; my parents raised us going to church every Sunday morning/night. It’s just always been an important thing in my walk especially as I was growing up. Growing up in the south, I kind of got into doing things for Christ just because I was supposed to do it and maybe not realizing why I was supposed to, basically just following the rules just to follow them. A few off seasons ago I felt like the gospel really spoke through to me and what Christ has done from me and from then on I’ve further understood all of that, which has really changed my life. With baseball and everything it has been a steady source in my life, just being able to trust him that no matter what I do he has a plan for my life and I don’t have to worry about controlling it. Whether things are going good or bad he always has a plan that I can trust him and come to him in prayer.

UA: You get called up in May and then you get hurt, how hard has that been staying positive with all of the adversity you’re facing?

B9317295647Z.1_20150510222120_000_GMKAO9JRU.1-0Ken: It is definitely tough, I got drafted in 2010 I spent 4-5 years in the minor leagues. I spent some time at every level always working hard never had any injuries. When you finally make it and you’re throwing pretty good and often for the most part then I get hurt. Honestly, it was the most trying time in my career. Even though it wasn’t a major injury, I was finally there and finally getting my chance to prove myself then I get this injury. It was just really frustrating and I can still remember the night they told me they were putting me on the DL with all the pain and frustration. It took a few days of frustration before I was like “God has a plan for it”, but even then there were days where the pain and frustration kept creeping back. It made me wonder is this injury more serious? I’m finally here and then I’m hurt. The best part about it was that I was able to come to God with it all and it takes more trust when you’re in that low spot. I also had a ton of family, friends, and pastors reaching out to me and encouraging me. It was really cool to see my friends, family, and mentors that I have reach out to me and pray for me.

UA: How do you and your wife stay plugged into church/the Word during the season?

55479e8577f5c.imageKen: This past year when I was in the fall league we both wanted to start reading the Bible more consistently which we were reading but not like what we felt like we should be. Before we were married we started reading a bible plan together which we used to keep each other accountable and also gave us something to talk about. We’ve been doing that every day and talking about what we’ve learned. We also try to find churches in whatever city we are in. Spring training was in Scottsdale, AZ and we found a church we loved and were able to get plugged in with a small group and get to know the pastors. Last year I was in Tulsa and we found a great church and a bunch of the guys were able to go. This year, we got a really good group of guys on the team in Albuquerque and were able to have 5 or 6 guys going to church. When I’m on the road I have different podcasts I listen to. I think the biggest thing is the relationships I’ve formed with guys on the team. We are able to talk about whatever we read or what we are going through.

UA: Going off that, what is the best advice you have for someone who is struggling to stay connected on the road?

Ken: The biggest thing, like in your sport, you’re going to have a routine. Just like for baseball we stretch and throw every day, you have to make a routine of getting in the word every day and having the time to pray and build that relationship. Find a pastor, podcast, or church that you like that you can get something out of. Especially on the road, your’ going to be away from the church community, so you have to make sure you get that in some way whether it is a podcast, worship music, or books that you can easily read on a plan/bus. Overwhelm yourself with all of that stuff or else the world will overwhelm you.

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