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Logan Carstensen, Crown College, Football

by carmine on August 12, 2012

Logan Carstensen
Crown College
Wooster, Ohio



My Testimony

Hey! My name is Logan Carstensen, I am going into my senior year at Crown College in Saint Bonifacius, MN and I am an UNASHAMED ATHLETE.

I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina on March 3, 1990 to Mark & Jen Carstensen (my parents). I also have a younger brother named Austin (19) and a younger sister named Larkin (15). I grew up/was raised in Wooster, Ohio, and I still live there over breaks and in the summer. When I was about 4 months old, I had the first of three life-threatening Hernias. I was sent to the ER for all three of them, and I almost died in 2 of the three surgeries. But the Lord placed his hand not only on me, but also on my family and gave them hope and took their worries and discomfort away. I guess you can call me a “Miracle Baby” just like Tim Tebow!

I was raised in a very strong, knit tight Christian family; my dad was a youth pastor for many years (he’s now amedical insurance agent), and my mom was a stay at home mom until she became the fitness director at Wooster’s YMCA. We don’t make a lot of money, and as a kid I grew up being a little jealous of some of my friends that lived in wealthy families. When I became a teenager, I started to get bad attitudes towards my parents, and I started to cuss frequently and that was kind of my “catalyst” to my rebellion as a teen. I was very active in sports; football, basketball, and track were my main sports, and my life was somewhat wrapped around sports and school (good grades meant I could play sports). Because my life was not wrapped around God…I was really disliking going to church and going to youth group. And, because my dad was our youth pastor, he expected a lot out of me and my brother when we went. I almost never paid attention; my mind would be on school, sports, and girls during those times. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, whether it was partying, chasing girls, or swearing like a sailor…those are moments that I have learned from and moved on.

The summer of my senior year in high school, I went on a mission’s trip with my youth group and Wadsworth, Ohio’s youth group to Peru. This was my first experience going out of the country, and this was where my worldview was changed. I remember looking at the cute children in the orphanage in Trujillo, and thinking “I want to help these children and the people of Peru”. God really woke me up after going to Peru, and my re-commitment for the Lord began once I got back. During my senior football season, I wrote “Philippians 4:13” on my eye black that served as a superstition for me to let people know about my faith.

As a senior, you face one of the biggest questions of your life, “where am I going to college?” I had a couple options in my head, but I NEVER thought about a Christian school. And one of my top priorities was a good school with an elite football program; my dream was to play college football. But, my parents stepped in and wanted me to make a smart decision and not go to school because of football, and they also mentioned that I wasn’t big enough to play and said the only place I’d have a shot was Crown College in MN. I’m like, “Crown College?! Ain’t that a small Christian school?!” So my parents kind of shot down my dream of college football because they mentioned my size and underestimated my athleticism. I remember praying and hoping that God would shine his light on me and give me hope. One night during January of 2009, Coach Auer from Crown College called me and asked if I wanted to visit, and he told me about Crown. I talked with my parents and they loved the idea of me going to visit. So for a weekend in February, I visited Crown in cold, frost-bitten Minnesota…and to my surprise, I loved Crown and the state of Minnesota! The football players made me feel welcome and comfortable, and I loved the atmosphere of the school and how great the professors were. I made my decision in March of 2009 to attend Crown College and play football there.

On May 10, 2009, my parents and I attended an athletic award banquet that I was invited to. Not thinking optimistically, I was wondering why I got invited in the first place. The Archie Griffin Award; the award given to the athlete that shows exemplary sportsmanship on and off the field and supports his/her teammates on and off the field…and Ashley reed and I won the award. I got a football autographed by Archie Griffin and a certificate showing that I won the award. I was so excited, and this built momentum into college to be an athlete of exemplary sportsmanship and faith.

The summer of 2009 began with me becoming a camp counselor at a YMCA day camp in town called “Knights Field”. I was hired in May and I began June 5, 2009. I work with kids that come from broken homes and low income families, but they bring such joy into my life. Their cute faces and fun spirits make me so excited to go to work in the summer and they motivate me to become a great role model for them and to spread God’s light to them. These kids are also a big reason why I am an Elementary Education major at Crown; I guess God granted me the ability to be good with kids! This is my fourth summer as a camp counselor there, and a dream I have is to start summer day camps like Knights Field all over America so that kids can go, have fun, and be loved by great counselors.

We all have wake up calls; finding a note from your dad in a Young Jeezy CD about your behavior, waking up with a bad hangover, or even seeing poverty in a different country, God does this to alert us to strive for his glory and live the life we should be living.

I have big dreams. But, no dream is bigger than becoming a great role model for children all over the world, and being a great father to my own children when I get married. God has blessed me so much throughout my life and he has changed my heart drastically and I’m glad the old me is “dead and gone”. I enjoy listening to Christian hip/hop (Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, etc.), and I enjoy playing football for Crown and I love the people there and I love having fun with my brothers and sisters in Christ. If I could choose my theme for my testimony and life, it would be “never give up.” God has a plan for each and every one of you…he created you! Don’t give up on what God has planned for you!



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