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Nick Goody, New York Yankees, Pitcher

by carmine on March 8, 2014

Written by: Ricky Keeler

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Last week, I had the privilege of speaking with New York Yankees’ pitching prospect Nick Goody on my Yanks Go Yard Radio Show. Nick’s story was very intriguing in terms of the road that God has taken him on in his baseball career.

photo 1He grew up in a family of believers in his hometown of Orlando, Florida, but never really had a true relationship with God until he got to Mantaee Community College (now the State College of Florida. After some struggles in the field in practice as he prepped for his starting shortstop role, he ran into some great Christian influences in his coaches. One of the coaches was infield coach Barry Batson, who introduced him to a nightly bible study after one of his games. This study helped him to embrace every role he was given after that, even the position change from shortstop to starting pitcher. What did Nick take from that study?

It’s all part of the plan,” Goody replied. “Sometimes you have to let go and let God control the outcome.”

Nick’s baseball story has a unique twist in the fact that he was drafted twice by the same Major League baseball team. In 2011, he was the 22nd round pick of the New York Yankees. After weighing his possibilities, he stayed in school and transferred to LSU, which he mentions was very instrumental in preparing him for pro ball. The following June, Goody was selected earlier in the draft, as a 6th round pick by the Yankees. “It was a sign from the Big Man upstairs that he wanted me to be a Yankee,” said Goody.

Read Nick’s testimony on Athletes In Christ’s website:

nick-goodyHis favorite Bible verse (Luke 1:37) is depicted on a coin in his back pocket that he puts on every autograph that he signs. The verse reads: “For nothing is impossible with God.” This is a great verse for sports because if we are going thru a difficult time, such as Goody is going thru with rehab from Tommy John surgery he had last year, we can always turn to God that He can get us thru any situation.

Nick hopes to resume pitching again in the near future. We, at Unashamed Athletes, send our thoughts and prayers to him for his rehab and that God will continue to use his story to glorify Him on and off the baseball diamond.

Link to listen to interview with Nick:


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