Unashamed Athletes
  • Our vision as an organization is to impact nations through sport. We want to encourage athletes to be unashamed of the Gospel and use their platform to impact their team, school, and community. Our goal is to create Godly relationships and bonds between athletes that will last longer than their playing careers. Scripture, prayer, and encouragement will be the driving force behind these relationships and events.
What we are looking to do:
  • Camps– We are planning on hosting sport specific events for numerous children’s groups all across the country. One common theme that all these camps will have is that the Gospel will be shared to these children throughout the camp. We want to utilize the platform that God has given us, as Children of God and high caliber athletes, to be a light and positive role model to our teammates, classmates, and members of the community.
  • Mission Trips– We are currently looking to partner with a International Organization to set up yearly mission trips using sport to pour out into the community.
  • Fellowship Events/Retreat- We are looking to have fellowship events and weekend retreats all over the country to bring athletes together to fellowship, dig into God’s word and to build Godly relationships.
  • Service Projects– We want to encourage athletes to bring their teammates together in their community and serve, whether it be building a playground, painting, or feeding the homeless.