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Ryan Cordell, Texas Rangers

by carmine on April 13, 2016

Ryan Cordell: Major League Prospect with the Texas Rangers Organization
By: Sam Silver

Spotlight Athlete Archive

“What has your walk with Christ been like?”

1. I grew up in a Christian family, ever since I could remember we would go to church on Sundays. I have great parents who have really poured into my life and raised me in a Christian environment. I don’t think I really took it in as my own until I went away to college at a Christian university. I had felt like I was a Christian but when I got out on my own I decided that I needed to take it on as my own. One of my teammates was one of my small groups leaders for prayer group and I remember one day we were talking about the different attributes of God and his power in our life and I really just felt his presence and felt the Holy Spirit talking to me and that’s when I took It on as my own. Since then I’ve continued to grow in my Christian walk, but I think that is where it started for me.

“Coming from a very Christian environment such as Liberty, what has it been like going from that to pro ball?”

060813_Ryan_Cordell_400_gcojrz60_3pdoyu752. It’s definitely different, but in this organization we do have a lot of good Christian guys who push me to carry out my faith in this kind of environment. It is different going from Liberty where you are always surrounded by it whether It’s chapel 3 times a week or FCA meetings. You don’t get that as much here so you gave to really make a conscious effort to stay in the word and just try and surround yourself with guys who are like minded and push each other together.

“What is your favorite verse/passage and what does it mean to you?”

3. 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” I take that very seriously in my walk as a Christian but also on the baseball field. I can relate that to my career and like verse says, everything I do doing it to the best of my abilities and also doing it with a goal in mind and that this is for the kingdom and I am trying to bring him glory in everything I do.

“Is it hard for you to stay in a routine and in the word during the season?”

website_5iv2rpeg_4hhi9gsp4. Yes it can be hard and as baseball players that’s one of our things is ‘routine’ so once I get into a routine I can stay in it pretty good. It’s that whole idea at the beginning of the season making a conscious effort and setting up a routine of make sure I stay in the word; but it can get tough when you’re on the road 7 days at a time and bus rides that don’t get in until 6 am and you want to sleep until noon or 1. I see a difference when I start my day getting in the word and getting in prayer. I see a difference when I do it and I see a difference when I don’t. It can be tough but I really see the importance of it.

“Any advice for Christian athletes?”

5. I think the biggest thing is just trying to find someone who is like minded and trying to surround yourself with people who have your same values and just staying in the word and keeping God at the center and if you do that, you can see the overflow in baseball games, relationships with teammates, and your relationship with family and friends. So just always keeping the focus in Jesus and keep him at the center and he will take care of the rest.

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