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Steven Clark, Auburn University, Football

by carmine on January 4, 2014

Growing up I was a “good kid”, made good grades, kept away from trouble, was a member of our high-school FCA, and found myself pretty good at sports. Took pride in my athletics and in academics. Was even blessed to get a scholarship to punt in college. When arrived at Auburn University, my intent to be the starting Punter my first year. Despite experiencing the 2010 National Championship season that ended up being my toughest year. Leaving Kansas City, Mo and going to college in Auburn, AL created a lot of challenges other than just being homesick. Not winning the starting job and struggling to adjust to college took its toll. I began doing things that I heard were “fun” and before I knew it I became someone else.

Untitled1Some things started to happen to my family back home like cancer and surgeries. Being so far from home, all I could do was pray when stuff like that was going on. Events occurred and I realized how blessed I am to be where I’m at, and to have what I have.

To say thank-you, I began praying before I went out to punt, thanking him and asking for help. In 2011, I ended up being the first finalist for the Ray Guy award in school history. This made me wanted to know even more about Who God is! I never succeeded reading the Bible growing up, but this time I started in Matthew. I hit Matthew16:26 and that verse changed me. I decided I didn’t like who I had become and needed to start figuring out what life was all about. I started going to anything that might help me learn more. I began seeking answers to the questions I had, and slowly began to find them. Some from the things I was going to, but especially in the Bible.

The 2012 season ended up being a dark year. We went 3-9, 0-8 in the SEC, for the worst record Auburn had seen in 60 years. I was dealing with my grandpa going through cancer among other issues back in KC, as well as struggling on the field. I didn’t understand why this was happening after all the steps I made in my walk and again had to go looking for answers. I found a new perspective, drive, and most of all peace. That carried me into this season. (2Corinthains6:4-10)

Auburn Football’s 2013 season has already been deemed the biggest turn around in college football history. Some call it “Lucky”, others a “Miracle”.  All I know is, God willing, on January 6, 2014 I will be playing my final game as an Auburn Tiger in Pasadena, Ca for the BCS National Championship, and I couldn’t be more thankful. This season has been so much fun. However, don’t confuse contentment with complacency, because I refuse to believe He would take this team this far to lose. (Romans8:32)

I am still and will always be a work in progress, in life and in football. But now I try to just enjoy the process, appreciate the journey, and trust the one who is leading me along it.  (Jerimiah29:11)

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