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Summer Fife, Sam Houston State, Basketball

by carmine on May 16, 2013



My name is Summer Fife I am a transfer redshirt sophomore basketball player from Western Kentucky University to Sam Houston State University. God has blessed me in so many ways it’s hard to sum up everything He has done for me in words. I grew up in a Christian home with great parents and a great family, however I was guilty of calling myself a Christian but really I had no idea what that meant I had no personal relationship with Him. That continued into my high school years, until I decided to change schools and go to a private Christian school. It was a hard transition but it was the best decision I ever made. That is where I developed MY relationship with Him. It seemed as if everything was falling in place for me my team had won a state championship my senior year and I was getting a full ride scholarship to go play the game I love at Western Kentucky University.

I got to college and was shown a whole new life that I had never experienced before. I was 17 hours away from Home in Texas, was without all my friends and family so I was starting out on a clean slate. However I fell into the wrong crowd and the party scene. Part of me just did it because I wanted to meet people and make friends and I guess I felt like I was free. The way most freshman feel when they go to college. Then I had a huge wakeup call and got really sick and could not play for a good six weeks. I had missed a large portion of our season. So that put me even further behind in my faith and also on the court. Little did I know at the time but my tough journey was far from being over.

At the end of my freshman season I got news that I was being released from the team, and had to find a different school on very short notice. I was completely crushed, I had never had someone tell me that they didn’t need me, or tell me I wasn’t good enough. At this moment my faith was shaken I didn’t understand why God did this to me. I was confused, depressed, I felt like quitting this game I had fallen in love with when I was a little girl; in other words I was lost. And I am not going sit here and tell you that I was calm and collected and perfectly ok with the decision God had made for my life; I was angry with God. I felt like I just couldn’t catch a break.  I had attended FCA that week and at the end of it they asked if anyone had any prayer requests, and I told everyone what was happening and immediately everyone started praying over me. It was something that I had missed and really brought me back to how great God is how he works in mysterious ways. God is going to test us throughout our lives; it’s on us to how we handle it. That was something that I had forgotten… FAITH. I dropped every doubt I had in that very moment and rededicated myself and put all my trust back into Him. I prayed my favorite verse that had always gotten me through before; James 1:12 Blessed is the man who preservers under trial because he who has stood the test will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. I had hit my rock bottom and the only way to go was up.

Then things finally started to look up and I had schools that were interested and I had schools back in Texas that wanted me. This was amazing because I had missed my family so much and I have never lived anywhere else besides Texas. So in the summer I had committed to Sam Houston State University where I couldn’t be happier. So I guess my message is to TRUST in his plan. His plan is better than you could have ever imagined for yourself. He would never put you through something you could not handle. 

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