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Timothy Lambert, University of Nebraska-Lincon, Wrestling

by carmine on September 4, 2013



My name is Timothy Lambert and I compete for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln wrestling team! I gave my life to Christ when I was 13 years old but truly didn’t become a follower and give everything I had to Him until the past 2 or 3 years. By giving my life to Christ, I give my service, my time, my body, my heart, my talents, my gifts, my family, my friends, all back to the One who sacrificed it ALL for me. NOT in repayment or debt, but out of love for Jesus Christ do I serve Him humbly each and everyday.

God brought me to the University of Nebraska for a reason and I am already seeing the incredible things God is doing through me to serve and love others. Each practice, each extra workout, every tournament is a way I can bring glory to God. The strict training and nutrition that goes into wrestling specifically are incredibly difficult. However, my motivation each day is not only to compete for God 100%, it also means that I can do ALL things because Christ is in me! I compete for something greater than a National Championship. I compete for the God who has poured out unfathomable love, grace, and mercy to us all here on earth even though he doesn’t have too.

Since giving my life to Christ I am more joyful each day because I choose to serve God all my days, love God all my days, and in doing so I serve others and love others each and every day. Without the path God has made for me, without His tender loving heart for His people, His unfailing love, I would not be writing this right now. I wouldn’t have the joy I do, the smile I bring each day, or the kind heart to serve others. Nothing that I do in this life is because of something I did, rather it is all because of what Jesus did in me, and for me.

I pray for all you who read this to be encouraged and to let yourselves be a vessel. When you choose to say “YES Lord” to His will and His voice, you can move mountains. You will be able to accomplish things never thought of before. You become apart of something greater. Greater than sports, money, greater than life itself! You come home, as a Son and Daughter to our Heavenly Father. Romans 1:16

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